So why do we exist, there are already so many manufacturers out there, can we make a difference, we believe so.

We started building cables  in 2014, by taking all previous experience from twenty years of trying and listening, and finally got the results we were thriving for  and decided to launch the cables on the market and created the brand Tarfala Audio late 2016.
We found a fascination in the differences and the dramatic effect the cables had in my system.
It was a lot easier to understand and accept differences in electronics and speakers, but cables, that was a mystery,  the way they can make or break a good system is profound in our opinion.
It`s not about the leaders, insulation, plating, the connectors or even the look that have any real interest for us, it`s all about the combination between all these things that hopefully makes the magic happen.
 A more modern sound if you like, a little faster, cleaner and the overall balance throughout the whole register have to be more neutral and precise to meet the advance in technology from speakers and electronics the recent years.
The magic is already there, its all about finding a way to let all the different parts collaborate, and enhance their individual abilities into one great cable, hopfully you get a chance to try them.