Another great show in Horten.
We were represented in three rooms together with PS Audio and Audioaktören.
A lot of diffrent electronic and speakers were used from Nagra, Sugden, Ear, Audio Valve, Prima Luna, Eminent Technology and Harbeth just to mention a few.

We had a great time in Norway, showing our cables together with Endpoint Audio and Audioaktören.
We used a double set of speakercable, but also XLR and RCA signalcables, together with Powerchords.

This fantastic system consisted of
Bricasti M12 + M15 pre/amp
Reed Muse 3C, arm and PU from
Acoustical systems together with a phono pre from EAR, model 324
C.E.C TL 0X and DA 03.0 drive/dac
and a Studer A80
The speakers came from WHT, modell PR4


We decided to launch the Tarfala Audio brand on HEM 2017 in Stockholm.
We had the opportunity to demonstrate our cables together with Audionord in their showroom, here with Vivid Audio Giya Spirit G1, Devialet Expert 1000 Pro and TechDAS Airforce III.

This was the premiere for Vertigo speaker cable, but we also used the upcoming Power chord and RCA cables in this system.