This sheet reports the impedance of a pair of Tarfala Audio speaker cables, 2.5 meters long.
The impedance was measured using a constant voltage method. The cables were laid in a straight line, closely side by side, and with the far ends shorted together. They were driven by a low source impedance and the current through them was measured, indicating their series impedance.
The following diagram shows their resistive and inductive components. The inductive component begins to show at about 1 kHz, and causes a high frequency loss, in addition to the resistive loss.

The impedance at DC and very low frequencies corresponds to the resistive part; in this case 8 mohm per meter of cable pair.
The rising impedance at high frequencies corresponds to the inductive part; in this case 0.8 µH per meter of cable pair.
Capacitance of the cable pair was measured with an accurate impedance bridge on the same setup as above, but with the cable far ends not shorted together. The capacitance was found to be 30 pF per meter of cable pair.
Resistance: 8 mΩ / meter pair
Inductance: 0.8 µH / meter pair
Capacitance: 30 pF / meter pair